I recently had NLP and Hypnosis with Sarah-Jane Jones - I don't know what she did or how she did it - but a huge weight has been lifted - and weirdly try as I might I can't make excuses anymore for not moving forward - a light has been switched on!!! When I left I said I felt taller - that evening a friend I hadn't seen for a while said I looked different - she said you look Taller!!! If you are stuck, procrastinate, or have self-limiting beliefs - book an appointment with Sarah-Jane today !!! AMAZING


In life we all get hit with stress worries etc etc not so long ago I had a real rough time and hit a trauma block due to cancer even though I had been given the all clear, After my ops, mentally I couldn't move on.  Doctors tried to put me on tablets, but I knew that wasn't the answer.  I then heard about reiki and thought anything was worth a try.  Sarah Jane helped me tremendously and I can't believe how I feel now .  She helped me think positively, my whole mindset has changed.  I meditate on a regular basis now.   I highly recommend Sarah Jane -  I'm a huge fan of mind body spirit wellbeing now thanks to Sarah Jane.

Penny Peacock

Had an incredible healing and NLP session this morning! Had some amazing breakthrough moments and realisations of what has been holding me back!!
So if you are stuck, feeling lost without direction or a sense of purpose, having something holding you back (even if you don't know what it is!) Then book a session in with Sarah-Jane!! I can't rave about it enough!!

Michelle Hood

I have enjoyed my reiki sessions enormously, Sarah Jane is SO in tune it's like she is reading my mind ! Amazingly thoughtful, caring and intuitive. I never want to leave but when I do, I float. Xxx

Zandra Christie

I really enjoy my Reiki sessions with Sarah Jane. It is always a very relaxing experience, and I find that she is always very good at providing just the right suggestions to me, and I always feel better in the days following the sessions. I would definitely recommend!

Claire Rudd

Sarah jane is amazing I have had two reiki sessions so far and felt the energy being pulled into my legs. Reiki is a great healing and has helped me physically and emotionally. Sarah jane is very kind and makes you feel at ease. Thank you Sarah Jane will have more soon x

Bev Heys

Sarah-Jane has an amazing ability to connect with your body's energies, easing any blocks, to allow a wonderful feeling of well being replace the stresses and pains previously felt. She is truly intuitive and is able to use her skills to heal both emotional and physical issues. I would highly recommend her treatment sessions to anyone suffering with the stresses of modern day life.

Sian Lambert

What a fantastically human healing Angel I have found in Sarah-Jane. Your kindness and down-to-earth approach to everything spiritual is so refreshing and so very healing. Having come to you with post-operation aches and pains and a need for balance in my body and my heart, I have found just that. Thank you so much. I recommend that everyone have some Sarah-Jane magic.

Janet  Holdsworth

I was sceptical about reiki but desperate to feel better. I have had a number of sessions with Sarah Jane and feel like a different person. Sleep quality is better and I feel less stressed after a treatment. Sarah is one of the kindest most caring therapists I have ever met and always goes that extra mile. I can't recommend her highly enough and I even persuaded my husband to have a reiki treatment which he found amazing too. Thank you for helping us.

Debbie Gillbert

Highly recommend Sarah-Jane - she is a natural healer and always puts you at ease. Great therapist!

Sarah Drakrad

Sarah Jane is a highly intuitive gifted healer and Space holder. Her ceremonies are always deeply profound and unlike any others I have experienced. Her unique energy is very special and sparks deep healing and releasing to occur. She is an exceptional channel and a super down to earth soul who make you feel instantly at home in her presence.

Kwail Kumaras

Thank you for my wonderful emergency treatment , you have helped me so much, and to be honest I don't remember ever feeling quite so relaxed.  The time whizzed past in a beautiful haze. Sarah you are a very gifted healer who makes time for everyone. I can't thank you enough my lovely lady I wish you nothing but success and happiness

Tabatha Jane Cat

Reiki with Sarah Jane is so relaxing and I always come out feeling fresh and revived! She always takes the time at the end to pass on some advice and suggestions of how to remedy anything that might be an issue.

Carli Wall