How to make your daily drink or ceremonial cacao

  Daily dose off cacao is 20g

Ceremonial dose is 42g (this may be lowered if you have any Contraindications)  

Step by step guide & tips

If you are taking a ceremonial dose (30–42g), it works best to do so on an empty stomach.

 I recommend against having a big meal before your ceremony.

If you are making cacao for your online ceremoney do not drink your cacao until you are asked to by your facilitator.

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What do I need to make my cacao

42g cacao cermony dose or 20g for daily drink 

Filter water 250mls

Sweetener's if needed, choose one.  Agave, Xylitol,  locally sourced  Honey, 1 medjool date, maple syrup , coconut sugar, lucuma

Pinch of sea salt

Optional - Pinch of chilli/cayenne pepper Cardamom, Vanilla, Cinnamon to taste, 

If you are going to add milk please only use plant base milk not cow's milk to keep the cacao pure. 

Almond - Coconut -  Hemp milk  are preferable

you can also make your own almond milk click here.

You can use a pan on the stove or a blender ,

I tend to use a small milk pan, 

wooden spoon & hand wisk .

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Note's & Tip's

 1. Boiling water is not necessary or recommended, try water just warm enough to barely keep a finger in it no more than 42*C

(cacao can be drunk warm or cold)

 2. Always keep on low heat and never let the cacao come to a boil as this changes its molecular structure and the way our bodies are able to absorb its nutrients. 

3. Shave the Cacao from the block as finely as you can, I tend to just use a knife and break it down in to small piece's as it quicker to soften in the water.

 ( Some cacao you can buy pre grounded )  if you have a high-speed blender you can turn it into a powder. The smoother the better !

Pro tips: It is nice to keep a spoon or whisk nearby when serving as cacao will tend to settle at the bottom of the vessel

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Instruction  - to make in a pan

1. Using 100mls of your filter water in a pan, Heat remember not boiling no more than 42*c

    Add your cacao and stir in to the water with love  ,

This will make a  paste

2. Add in to your paste the rest off the water 150ml or 150 ml plant base milk ,

keep on a gentle heat if using a pan, use a whisk to blend the cacao

Never leave your cacao , as you stir the cacao put in your  love, intention & gratitude,

 some people chant mantra's or sing to their cacao , put your intention into the cacao 

3. Add sweeteners if needed, all other ingredients.

Tranfer to a cup ready to drink .

Hold to your heart  &  connect to your heart & blend  with the cacao energy 

Set your intention 

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Quick & easy simple  blender

If you are using a blender

Add filtered water/plant milk 250mls  & cacao, blend for a smoother, thicker, creamy  texture

 Add all other ingredients & sweeten if needed  then  blend,

Cooled Boiled  water no more than 42*C and add it to the blender with your Cacao

You can it blend all together then heat in a pan after or drink  it cold .


  Note some blenders do not like too much heat !

So easy!

Tranfer to a cup ready to drink .

Hold to your heart  &  connect to your heart & blend  with the cacao energy


Set your intention

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