About Me

Welcome to Inner Enlightenment.

The first step to allowing yourself to flow freely on all levels, mind, body and spirit .

I have had many of these experiences in my life and through my own journey . I have had to over come many things. I have learn from many top teachers and gurus in life, along with lots of life lessons and come out the other side victorious. I have lost twenty five stone in weight, over coming many things in my life from anxiety, depression, self-consciousness,chronic fatigue syndrome,   feeling lost in life loneliness and much more . There's a book in here some where! I embrace my challenges allowing my self to be free, flowing and enlightened.

We all have the power of Inner Enlightenment inside of us. It is just about unlocking it and being free to be who we truely are, liberating us  from a downward spiral.  I'm here to help you to unlock your true potential and set yourself free.

Working with the mind, changing the way you think, releasing yourself from old mindsets, thought patterns, fears and unhealthy  behaviours.

Then installling new and positive programmes that uplift and transform your world.
Working with your body, looking at the best wellbeing modality for you to support your needs, with an emphasis on good nutrition and life style changes.
Working with your life force energy system and showing you how to connect to your inner guidance and spirit.

Heal yourself with my facilitation to create a new way of life for you to be enlightened, free flowing and prosperous in all areas of your being.

Let the abundance of magic, love and light shine through you once again.

I have one question for you.
Are you ready set yoursel free and shine brightly ?

Sarah Jane

Calming your mind, Stengthening your body, Nourishing  your spirit.