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Hi, my name is Sarah Jane and I am a mother of two grownup children based in hertfordshire. Not many people have been on the roller coaster I have been on in life. I have achieved some remarkable things – my biggest achievement was losing 25 stone. People often ask many questions about my weight loss journey.

I believe I have been on this journey to help and inspire other people on theirs,

I was a chubby child with a potbelly. I was bullied at school and over the years I grew up dreadfully unhappy in myself. I never knew who I was. As the years went by, I got bigger and bigger. I attempted to diet, but as quickly as I lost the weight, I gained it back. I continued to yo-yo diet, until I ended up so big, I struggled to get around in everyday life. It was such a strain on my body and I struggled with the basics. To give you some idea, I had to go through a door sideways and hold myself in, My weight issues were caused by several things – that is a story for another day,

There were a couple of turning points that changed everything.

One day I was sitting with our family Doctor. He had seen me grow up, and both my children come into the world, . My son was very different from other children from his age group, The doctor sat down with me and explained that he is a very complex child. At the time my son was only 3 years old, the doctor said “I can tell you now the services for his needs are not very good. They are overstretched and as time goes on more and more cuts will be made in this area, the support for him is going to be very limited, this was proved to be true over the years,

He commented on how I was a trendy mum and how I’d done so well with him already. He then asked, “If you are not around, who will be there? Who will take him on? This child is going to need more support than the average child”. I looked at him and said there is no one I would trust him with. I had my children to raise and wanted to give them the life and the childhood I never had. I covered two chairs in the doctor’s room,

I struggled to breathe and to move around. The doctor weighed me. As I stood on the scales, I watched the needle carry on going round to its max. My last weigh-in was 30 stone. and I was bigger than then. At this point I was so big; he couldn’t even weigh me to get the true reading. He then asked again, “If you’re not there for the kids, who would be? What kind of life will they have?”

I remember walking out with the kids thinking I have got to do this for them if not for me. It was then I decided to cut myself off from the negative people around me – the people who put me down and told me I would never amount to anything. I was regularly told I would always be fat and have nothing in life. For the first time, I had realised that there was so much negativity in my ear that needed to go. So, I quit my job, left my kid’s father, , and embarked on my healing journey. I went through so much. I had no help from others, no surgery, no slimming clubs,

I Learnt  to plan meals, looking at healthy food's options and slowly, incorporating health options in to my meals,

I was slowly building the foundations off a healthy life style, asking myself what does my body need to fuel it and repair itself, back then there was no laptops and social media so it was down to me just thinking about healthy options, i gave up driving and walk most places I needed to go be active in my daily life,

 I got to the point where I could go to the gym four days a week. I would drop the kids off at school and walk to the gym where I would do classes and swimming. This was my life for one to two years.   I would walk to the gym come rain or sun shine, I was building routines in to my daily life, keeping the kids active, I visualised what I wanted to achieve, how I wanted to look and I believed I could do it. I educated myself on food – nutrition vitamins and minerals. I did supplement my diet with vitamins and mineral where I needed to.

I would visualise each day on how I could help myself, asking myself what do I need , this is where I learnt not to be a follower to do what was right for myself, we can all be pulled off a track easily with are everyday life so I built my healthy life style into my life for what was right for me,

I found not telling people what I was doing & just doing it for myself kept me on track, My goals were so much easier to achieve without the negative people telling me what I couldn’t do & listen to other people opinions.

I soon found myself sitting in training and seminars, building my knowledge with people from all over the world, learning deeper aspects of the body, I would just go off at weekends or the evening using my time wisely,  attending workshops & talks this entered me into the world off self-devolvement. sometimes things were not for me some was, there was things   I dismissed in the early Days, which I found resonated more with me late on in my journey.  it's all about the right timings off life,

 I learnt open new ways of thinking and new life skills sets that I could use in everyday life,

I started to look at how I spoke to myself & created positive thinking being accountable for my action & choices,

Look Guy's , We all hit struggles in life and brick walls in life, In life we hit roller coaster & life chanllenges , yes life can be a struggle, I had more than most, but I soon  learnt  to brush myself down and look at what I need  & let go, to be able to move on in life, not keep myself stuck, by  keeping  a good routine in place not to over think things, using the skills i had acquired along the way,

Over the last 20  years I learnt it was not just about the food we eat and how we think, I learnt how to work with the body natural energy field, I wanted to work naturally as possible, I found many ways of doing this through a holistic approach, by  Stepping  out of my comfort zone and trying new thing's opening my mind to new possibilities, looking on how I could help my body naturally, the one thing I did have to do is have a stone off skin remove from a overhang surgical removed but heal so quickly and doctors was very surprises at my quick healing time, it was the only option, the rest of my skin with routine and the right nutrition & techquines I learnt I   did well,  People would know looking at me I was ever as big as I was,

Don’t over complicate it, keep it simple, address one thing at a time and build a solid foundation. A solid foundation will lead to a solid future. 

Like the saying if you do the same thing, you get the same result  

Do something different creating change, creates a whole new way off things learning and possibilities,    

Over the last 20 years I have completed various training's From reiki healing, Energy healing, mediumship to licensed NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) hypnosis, hypnotherapy, coaching, nutrition, Now form all these different modalities I can help other people, with a wide skill set enabling me other people in their life, not just with weight lost but in  many areas off their life, 

  This is we inner enlightenment was born - We all have the power of Inner Enlightenment inside of us. It is just about unlocking it and being free to be who we truly are, liberating us  from a downward spiral or  breaking  down bad habits & the brick walls we come up against in life, growing  & learning creating a healthier & positive life for you & your families, My children are in there 20's now if I had never took that step out of my comfort zone & embarked on this journey I would not be here for them now, or gain the skills to help other people  

 Creating change in your life

   Don't over complicate it, keep it simple, address one thing at a time and build a solid foundation. 

A solid foundation will lead to a solid future.

my weight loss tranformation




I  embarked on looking at differant holistic  & spiritual approaches.

This set me on even more of a deeper tranformational journey, I unlocked myself in many ways I never thought possible.

I have always been intuitive and spiritual over the years, things happened that I could not explain.

I wanted to learn and understand more, connect with myself on a deeper level and develop. working on a energetic level, 

I have used my time over the past 20 years to attend personal development courses,  workshops,  seminars, training, meditation, women's circles, ceremonies - all the 'WOO WOO' stuff as some people would say.

This  gave me so many tools and resources to help develop an understanding and ability on how to clear what I needed to clear from my life.  This enabled me to move forward in myself and understand my abilities.  I then went on to integrate and learn how to use these abilities to help others. 

Things just started to come together, things fell into place and made more sense.  I have gained so much life experience. learnt so much and gained so much knowledge & understanding  over the years.   I have total gratitude for my teachers & mentors who have helped throughout my journey,  and I'm so grateful to the people who have spent time with me and given me guidance. 

During this part of my journey,  I picked up a flyer in  2015 at a mind & body wellbeing festival after attending a 3 hour workshop with Paul Mc Kenna .

This flyer took me on a transformational  journey,  much bigger than I could ever imagine.

 It turned out Paul McKenna was doing a 2 day seminar in London with someone else who I had never heard of  - Richard Bandler , Richard had trained Paul and was  the co creater of NLP.   

The seminar was called GET THE LIFE YOU WANT, run by NLP life training,   This led me to my NLP Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy training and the next part of my transformational journey. 

I have continued with my training each year,  attending live training/seminar's with Richard and his trainers, attending personal workshops with Richard, enhancing my learning and skill set .  This enabled me to effectively help work on other people, and continue to work on myself.  I have continued to train with his master trainers & trainiers  over the last 6 years,  

I have gone from being an attendee of the mind body festival,  to being able to hold space & running workshops in the ceremoney space myself. 

Working on retreats with Ladies  supporting them through there transition. 

Love and light 

Sarah-Jane xxx  



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