'Energy Basics' workshop to learn how to work with your energy field


Energy basic workshop learning to work with your energy field.

This workshop is designed to help you work with your own energy field so you learn how to hold your own energy and the energy around you in your every day life, and your home,
This workshop is about the energy basics from aura protection, how to ensure you are fully grounded and not absorb others energies,  in all areas off you life.
Energy is all around us in every day life, it affects us more than you realise.
You will  learn to balance your energy and within your own home. 

Allowing you to have the tools to go away with and work with in your every day life and around your home .

When we learn how to connect with ourself and know and understand our energy field, life can be more free flowing.
This work shop will cover practical and theory, working in pairs and groups.

Energy is life force.
We can all understand in the context of how we feel from day-to-day (sluggish, over-tired, or on the flip side, invincible). Usually we attribute our low energy days to a lack of sleep or bad food. But it’s significantly more complicated than that, our energetic systems might very well be impacted by physical, emotional and cognitive blocks we’ve picked up from every day life or even past lives.  We can feel energy all arounds us, certain situations or people can deplete our energy. Even boundaries are a matter of energy.  Despite its power, energy is itself a neutral force.

It is consciousness that directs its movement. If we think of this in terms of the energy and consciousness of the human experience we may see that the more conscious we are, the more we direct our energy towards creation, connection, and evolution. The less conscious we are, the more our energy is used towards separation, stagnation or even destruction.
Worda are energy.  When we think we are using energy.
When we breathe we are creating energy.

Many people will more often describe their energy as feeling blocked, stagnant or stuck.

Energetically they feel ungrounded.

This workshop will allow you to let go of energy that does not serve you and will give you tools to work with to balance and allow your energy to be free following and 
be more grounded in your every day life.
It is a very powerful tool to have.