NLP - Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy

What is the differences with NLP & Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy ? 

What is NLP ?

In Richard bandlers own words  "It’s THINKING & THINKING ON PURPOSE !"


Is an extremely gentle yet powerful technique that can bring profound improvement to

both your professional and personal life.  It helps give people dramatic or small shifts in their life to enable them to live a happier existence. 

What is NLP ?


This refers to our brain and nervous system known as our mind.

Our brain processes everything we do using the five senses through our nervous system 

Sound , Smell, Sight, Touch and Taste.



Refers to language pattens we use, language to communicate with other people and ourselves.  Yes we have a little voice in our heads , it’s your internal dialogue, it is very powerful and influential.

We communicate with ourselves and others through it.

We also have a non- verbal communication system. 

Pictures, Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells, Words (Internal Dialogue)



Our programming is determined by our thoughts and feelings, our communication to ourselves and others.

Our ability to  discover and utilise the programmes we run, removing any negative thought patterns that are not beneficial to us and having the ability to install positive ones.



Anger Management




Exam stress

Fear of flying, heights, needles, public speaking, spiders, snakes 

Irritable bowel syndrome





Obsessions and Compulsions

Pain management

Panic attacks


Post-traumatic stress disorder

Presentation skills

Public speaking

Relationship issues


Sports performance


Weight loss

Basically .... 

Let go of your blocks and look forward to the future by creating new positive ways of thinking by removing any negative thought patterns, behaviours & beliefs you may have let affect your life in a negative way.

Allowing you to Live your life freely, happy & full of abundance .


Where did NLP Originate from & why is it Licenced ?

What are the differences with  Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy ?



In hypnosis all the commands are given when the client is in trance. Where as in NLP, the client is fully conscious and wide awake and they have to work on the techniques while the NLP practitioner is there to guide them.

Hypnosis is the act of guiding someone into the trance state.

You  are in a hypnosis trance state every day off your life ,

You know you get up,  get dressed , drive to work, eat every day without thinking about it , your unconscious mind knows what do.

You know when you get into that really good film or tv programme,

You know when your reading a good  book and you notice less of what's going on around you?

 This is Trance/hypnosis  state of inner awareness. 




Is taking a person into an altered state,  communicating with their unconscious,

 on changing their behaviours or emotions.

It's by working with the unconscious in an altered state that changes happen.

"Rejuvinate Yourself and Rediscover Your Self-Confidence."