Treatments & sessions

Due to coronavirus epidemic

One 2 one appointment face to face now available,

using a blend off all my modalities & techniques.

Free  consultation, via phone,

Let's see where you are at and what  you need to work on in a session. 

Not sure what you need?  or where to start?

 NO worries im here to help you lets chat . 

Option One 

A straight forward energy healing Reiki / shamanic,  One hour session

Option Two

Healing  session reiki  with cards and guidance, 

one & half hour session

Option Three 

Healing session reiki  with cards & guidance with NLP change  & techniques to go away and use in your everyday life, Two hour session's


Option 4 

 Coaching & mentoring option Can be done via zoom or over the phone or face to face,

These session are one hour slots 

Option 5

NLP & hypnosis some session can be done over zoom, if not face to face appointments 

 These session are one hour slots 


Lock down session ,

No matter where you are in the world today we can still work togehter , 

There is no better time to enhance & enlighen yourself at this time. 

Calm your mind - strengthen your body - nourish your spirit .

I can use multiple techiniques in a session from licence NLP , Hypnosis , Coaching , mentoring , goal setting , Energy healing & guide meditation,

  1.   One 2 one sessions via zoom Coaching /NLP/hypnosis.  Postive change work .
  2.  Group Cacao Ceremony's or one to one private sessions , These sessions not only connect you to the spirit off Cacao , they also connect you to yourself on a deeper level , I use a blend off NLP & hypnosis - Hypnotherapy to take you on a tranformational journey to shift you up to the next level. 
  3. Intuitive reading & healing's (reiki -shamanic) , you can have a straight forward healing session or combined healing  & card reading, This where  I  tune in to your energy and give you intuitive guidance. Card's will  be part off yourenergy  healing session, 

( I do connect to the spirit world and they do  join us on readings if its relevant and only when they wish to share a message or validate)

        4. Energy workshop/healings   A healing session to balance  & harness your own life force energy and help you to clear your energy and your home. Giving you tools to use in your daily life.

Please drop me a call Sarah Jane on  07788578029 or Email [email protected]

Rejuvinate yourself and rediscover your self-confidence.

New session's on offer !

Due to the world changing around us ,

I have  working with clients which is proving very successful,

Creating new ways to move forward around this every fast-changing world we live in.

Allowing clients to move forward with the changing times,

People often ask for reading's are looking for answers to a certain area off their life ,

I work with you for you find the answer yourself, I do not offer single card reading's session's. Cads are integrayed with a healing session.

I work with connecting with spirit & tuning into your energy, Then I use a blend off NLP, Coaching, guided by spirit this allows you to be able to answer you to find your own answer, allowing you to make a shift forward.

These sessions have been a very successful

I can work with over the phone on face time or zoom or face 2 face & these sessions have proven very successful,

(Please note Hands on healing are face to face appoinments) 

using a blend off all my modalities & techniques.

For more information, please contact me on 07788578029

Email [email protected]